God Strengthens

I have been lazy in my blog writing this year and I am hoping to rectify that this summer.  This summer, I am reading through the book of Ezekiel.  Ezekiel is the one of the major O.T. prophets.  The book is full of sin, judgment, wrath, glorious visions of God and His throne, and hope.  It is a book I love more and more everytime I read through it.   The name Ezekiel, means, “God Strenghtens”.  And that is one of my prayers this summer for myself.  I am praying that my faith will be strenghtened and my dependency upon God will increase.

My plan is that as I read through Ezekiel, I will blog various observations, reflections and applications regading the text.  I pray that this journey will be a blessing to my soul as well as to you who follow along.  Praise be to the God who strenghtens.

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