A few thoughts on humility…

Currently I am working my way through Paul Miller’s book, A Loving Life, which is excellent and I highly recommend it. In this book, Miller takes the reader on a journey though the O.T. Book, Ruth. He shows how Ruth (the book) is filled with hesed love. And just as any good book on love does, it must as some point begin talking about humility. I just finished reading chapter 13, Humilty: The Path Of Love.

Here are a few observations the Miller made which I found to be particularly good:

  1. Humility is physical.
  2. You can see humility. It is not vague. (Humility is not only something you talk about it must also be tangible and observable.)
  3. It can feel like you are disappearing. (While it is observable, it is also practically invisible. Humility does not come with neon signs and loud music.)
  4. Many sins such as anger, jealousy, and quarreling are rooted in our unwillingness to take a low place. (Wimpy people are not humble, they whine too quickly and cannot stand being over-looked.)
  5. Once you get over the shock, the low place is a place of deepl soul rest.
  6. You discover people in the low place. (Humble people see others as more important than themself and place others needs above their own.)
  7. The great joy of the low place is that it is where God dwells. See Phill 2:1-11.

(Whatever is in parentheses is what I added, and not from Millers book.)


I love #7, humility is where God dwells. When we act in humility we are truly operating with the mind of Christ and living as He did. When we pray to become like Jesus, we are essentially praying to be humble, to be low, to be unnoticed and over-looked. But just as Jesus went to the cross in great joy (Heb 12:2), so we too, as we walk in the power of Jesus, filled with humility, will experience great satisfying joy.