The Power of Jesus

lion-3007701_1920At the end of Mark 4 through chapter 5 we encounter 4 incredible miracles.  I believe the author has piled each of these miracles on top of each other so we the reader would be in awe of the character of God.  Each of these stories are incredible but when stacked on top of each other they lead us to knees in humble adoration of our King.

In Mark 4:35-41 we read about a great storm that has come upon Jesus and His disciples as they are attempting to cross the Sea of Galilee. Now some of the disciples are trained fisherman. They would have experienced many storms in their lifetime and would have known exactly how to handle them.  So the fact they are frightened to the point of fearing for their lives tells us this was no ordinary storm. But then we read in Mark 4:39 that Jesus stood up and said, “Peace! Be Still!”  And the storm was gone.

Next in Mark 5:1-20 we see that Jesus and His disciples encounter a man who is possessed by a legion of demons.  We are told in verse 4 that he has broken shackles and chains and “no one had the strength to subdue him.” Here is a crazy man that no one can control. And yet as the story progresses we see that Jesus overcomes him. Jesus casts the demon out of the man and restores his mind.

Next, in 5:21-43 we encounter 2 healing stories entangled together. First, Jesus is asked to heal a sick girl who is about to die. And while Jesus is on His way to see her, he encounters a sick woman who no one has been able to heal.  In verse 25, we are told this woman has had a discharge of blood for 12 years and she has spent all her money on doctors who have been unable to heal her. But then in verses 28-29 we see that by touching Jesus’ garment she is miraculously healed. Jesus has done what no one in the world could do, heal her.  But because Jesus has stoped to talk to this woman the little girl has now died.  But death does not discourage Jesus. He says, “do not fear, only believe.” Jesus then proceeds to the little girls house where He raises her from the dead.

In these 4 stories we see that Jesus has power over all things. He has power over nature, over demons, over sickness and diseases, and He even has power over death. There is nothing in all of creation that can resist the power of Jesus.