The Gospel is Everything

As Tim Keller said, the Gospel is not the ABC’s of Christianity but it is the A-Z of Christianity.  The point is, the Gospel is Everything.  There is nothing as beautiful, humbling, awe-inspiring, life-transforming, horrendous, gracious, or as loving as the gospel. According to Dave Harvey,

“The gospel is the heart of the Bible.  Everything in Scripture is either preparation for the Gospel, presentation of the Gospel, or participation in the gospel.”

So what is the gospel?  The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ.  The gospel is that God sent His Son, Jesus, to this world that He would die on a cross so that all who believe in Him would be forgiven of sins, adopted into His family, and worship Him forever.  

And it is this Gospel that is the  hope of the world.  There is salvation in no one else but Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the only one who has come from Heaven as a propitious offering so that man would have a personal peace-filled relationship with God.  

And it is this gospel that has forged the church and continues to forge the church.  What I mean is that the gospel has saved and formed the church and the gospel continues to save and form the church.  The church is a gospel forged people who have been given the mission to proclaim this amazing gospel to the world that more and more people would be continue to be reconciled to God.  

And so this blog will  primarily be focused on how the church is forged by the gospel and proclaims the gospel.