20 things Christians can do with one another

Lately at Timberline we have been wrestling more and more about what it means for Christians to be family. Here is a list of 20 things Christians can do with one another on an everyday basis to demonstrate they are family.

  1. Eat together.
  2. Check in with each other regularly.
  3. Actively engage in conversations that go deeper than the weather.
  4. Talk about sin, suffering, grace, fears, the gospel, God, Jesus, Spirit, your marriage, work, hopes, dreams, failures, loss, joy, the sovereignty of God, God's provision, etc…
  5. Watch movies together.
  6. Watch their kids and don't charge them.
  7. Help each other with projects (house stuff, hobbies, work, etc…)
  8. Give small tokens of appreciation.
  9. Cry with one another when their is pain and suffering. Don't sit on the sidelines waiting to be invited into their pain. Actively let them know you care and love them simply with your presence. You don't even need to talk much. Some times a box of Kleenex's and a shoulder is all you need to bring.
  10. Go on vacation together.
  11. Study God's word together
  12. Pray, and be specific about requests.
  13. Rebuke /correct one another. If you cannot correct one another (in love and grace) then your relationship is probably pretty shallow. Go deep with each other and experience the joy that comes with vulnerability.
  14. Take each other meals when sick.
  15. Clean someone's house before they get back from vacation, the hospital, a long day at work, etc…
  16. Do game nights with each other.
  17. Disciple your unbelieving friends together. (You don't have to do evangelism by yourself). This could even take place on a game night. Include your unbelieving friends in your Christian community and let them see the power of Christ in how you talk and love one another.
  18. Pursue your friends when they are hurting, pushing you away, and diving into some form of depression or anger. Don't let them go. Pray, pray and then pray more. Let us fight the spiritual battles for our brothers and sisters when they are to weak to fight.
  19. Go on a mission trip together to another country.
  20. Serve the needy within your community together.