17 Reflections on God’s Word

As I reflected on the power and wonder of God’s Word today, I began to write all that came to mind.  The following list is the result.

  1. God’s Word creates from nothing. (Gen 1:1)
  2. God’s Word gives life. (Gen1:20-22)
  3. God’s Word defines what is good. (Gen1:31)
  4. God’s Word is the object of Satans attack. (Gen 3:1-5)
  5. God’s Word is what man rejects. (Gen 3:6-7))
  6. God’s Word brings forth curses. (Gen3:14-19)
  7. God’s Word is given in hard tablet form. (Exodus 20:1-17)
  8. God’s Word brings blessing on those who obey and curses on those who disobey. (Deut.28:1-2,15)
  9. God’s Word comes in the flesh. (John1:1-3)
  10. God’s Word gives life to all who believe. (John 1:12-13)
  11. God’s Word is proclaimed by the church as the hope of the world. (Matt 28:18-20)
  12. God’s Word condemns Satan and his followers for all eternity. (Rev 19:15-21)
  13. God’s Word rebukes false teaching and the lies of Satan. (Titus 1:9)
  14. God’s Word equips the man of God for righteousness (2 Tim 3:16-17)
  15. God’s Word produces faith (Rom 10:17)
  16. God’s Word purifies our souls through our faith and obedience. (1 Peter 1:22-23)
  17. God’s Word gives birth to an imperishable community (the church). (1 Peter 1:23)


There are many many more things that could be said. But I hope this brief list encourages you to love and study God’s Word all the more. It is God’s Word that gives life and it is His Word that sustains life.  May we the church be committed to God’s Word and may we hide it in our heart that we would now sin (Psalm 119:11).

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